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This Week in Sociological Perspective, audio
Economists talk money. Politicians talk government. On This Week in Sociological Perspective we talk money, politics, and everything else that makes the world go ‘round, offering insight on society, public affairs, and news of the week. Guest authors join your host, UC-Berkeley Professor Samuel Roundfield Lucas, to transcend the headlines through fascinating research in sociology.

Jul 16, 2020

This week I spoke with Dr. Bryan Ellis, Senior Lecturer in the Irvin D. Reid Honors College at Wayne State University, about the sociology of sport, the relation between sports and society, and how that relation may be made visible in this pandemic. But first, I recently spoke with Dr. Liana Christin Landivar, Faculty Affiliate, Maryland Population Research Center, about her recent paper titled “First-Birth Timing and the Motherhood Wage Gap in 140 Occupations.” The paper is scheduled to be published in Socius.

Segment 1 -- Liana Christin Landivar on "First-Birth Timing and the Motherhood Wage Gap in 140 Occupations."

Segment 2 -- Bryan Ellis on the sociology of sports in the context of COVID-19.