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This Week in Sociological Perspective, audio
Economists talk money. Politicians talk government. On This Week in Sociological Perspective we talk money, politics, and everything else that makes the world go ‘round, offering insight on society, public affairs, and news of the week. Guest authors join your host, UC-Berkeley Professor Samuel Roundfield Lucas, to transcend the headlines through fascinating research in sociology.

Feb 27, 2014

Segment 1 – "Lawmakers push to end 'scream rooms' for punishing students"; Fox News

Segment 2 -- Sara Sternberg Greene on low-income households' varying strategies for dealing with debt

Segment 3 - "Pressure mounts over Arizona bill opposed by gays";

Selected Keywords: Student discipline, scream rooms, Keeping All Students Safe Act, moral development, school administrator discretion, low-income households, responses to debt, anti-gay legislation, Arizona Senate Bill 1062, status implications of anti-gay legislation, proprietor motivation